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She's toured with Bieber and now runs who own business empire. Studio Club get 5 mins with Vita Chambers

Published Jan 23, 2014 by admin

HH: You were recently signed to a record label but decided to leave, tell us why you decided to go out into  the music industry alone?

We didn’t have the same vision.


HH: You’re quite the entrepreneur, how did you find setting up your own production company?

A little over whelming at times but I’m a fast learner and I have an amazing team of people behind me.


HH: Tell us about your tune “Fix you”. What was the inspiration behind it?

I wrote “Fix You” from personal experience and that’s all I’m going to say.


HH: Did you have much input into the video for it?

Yes, I co-direct all of my videos. I think the visual presentation is just as important as the song behind it is.


HH: The track got nominated for a Canadian Music ‘Juno Award’ for Dance Track of the Year. How did that make you feel?

It was quite a shock to be honest. It was the first song I had released in Canada. I was over the moon.


HH: “What if”, your new track covers such subjects as falling in love with whoever you wish, regardless of race, orientation… Pretty heavy subjects for a 20 year old! What made you want to write a song about such a strong subject? Have you had bad experiences in the past?

No, but I’m a huge supporter for gay rights and I believe no one should dictate who you should love and how you should live your life.


HH: The video is really cool and we love some of the peeps in it, did you do the casting yourself?

Lol yes.


HH: We heard you’re coming to the UK? What can we expect from you? And will you be playing any gigs over here?

I am releasing more music this spring and I will be the UK soon 🙂 I can’t wait!!


HH: We totally love your fashion, do you do all of your own styling, or are you a diva and have 20 assistants?

I am very hands on when it comes to my fashion but I have my amazing stylist who guides me in the right direction, Juan Solorzano. Lol no……  I only have 19 😉 20 is a bit excessive.


HH: Who are your top 3 designers or must-have fashion brands right now?

I really like what Oliver Rousteing is doing with Balmain, taking Pop Culture to Luxury wear. 3.1 Phillip Lim is a must have line right now and also Rick Owens is an avant-garde designer that inspires me to bring the edge to my aesthetic.


HH: Are you currently working on any new tacks, EPS or albums etc…..???

I will be coming out with new tracks later this year.


HH: You went on tour with Justin Bieber, and beat his ass in a seaway war!!! How was that and did you make him cry?

Lol we had lots of fun.


HH: Who inspires you to sing?

All of the greats. I get ready for stage listening to Frank Ocean and Imogen Heap.


HH: Originally, you were discovered through MySpace, how do you think social media has changed your life?

I was discovered through it and it’s how I get to know my fans and communicate with them. It’s very important to me.


HH: You have loads of followers on twitter. What’s the best tweet you have ever been sent?

The best tweet I ever got was from one of my fans telling me that I got nominated for a Juno, I had no idea lol.


HH:When you’re not singing and running your production empire, how do you like to chill out and relax?

I sleep in, go to the movies and get out of town with my best friend.


HH:What advice would you give to the young talent out there looking to break into the industry?

Find what makes you unique and never be afraid of being different. Be who you are 🙂


Quick fire round:


In or out?

Out… of the box 😉

Monster munch or Cheetos?


Cats or dogs?

Dogs, I have a Yorkshire Terrier named Phoenix

Twitter or Facebook?


Romance or comedy?

Romantic comedy

Milkshake or soda?


Hair up or down?


Heels or flats?

Heels, of course!

Burger King or McDonalds?

I’m more of a pizza kind of gal.


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