20 New Year’s Resolutions Every Person Should Actually Make For 2014

Published Dec 30, 2013 by admin

New Year’s Eve is often seen as a time to start fresh, Whether you have had a fantastic year or you’re glad to see the back of it…..Here are some New Year’s resolutions that you need to make!

So get on it and let’s smash 2014!

1. Stop posting negative shit about celebrities on social media. We all know Miley Cyrus is a cunt! But fuck it! She does not care what you think about her haircut.

2. Stop resenting yourself for drunk texting your ex.  Sure, its a little embarrassing, but at least you’re addressing your feelings. Not that you should aim to drink an entire bottle of rum then see what happens, but… roll with the punches.

3. Leave the country for a bit……you only live once. So get out there and see a bit of the world before you’re tied down with kids shitting and pissing all over your house.

4. If you hate your job, quit it and get a new one. Stop being a loser! it will work out.

5. Stop beating yourself up for skipping the gym on days you truly didn’t have time. But also, stop skipping the gym on days you had plenty of time to go.

6. Go to the gym more! And eat healthier because you’re just putting the weight back on. It’s a losing battle.

7. If you think somebody is HOT, say “hi” and introduce yourself. Every relationship you have ever had started with a greeting. And if they don’t want to speak to you then move on……very quickly.

8. Stop caring about how many people “like” your photos and status updates. Social media anxiety is a waste of time.

9. Cross something off your bucket list. Sky dive, bungee jump, scuba dive, etc. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t accomplish something.

10. Stop hating yourself for eating dessert. A piece of birthday cake is a right, not a privilege.

11. Strengthen relationships with family members. Blood is thicker than water.

12. Help strangers and don’t post a Facebook status about it.

13. Conquer a fear.

14. Don’t check your Twitter feed when you’re with friends. Unless you are tweeting about them.

15. Try a fashion trend you never thought you could pull off. And, do it with confidence. Floppy hats, snap backs, Harem pants; you can do it!

16. Shop locally, eat locally and recognise where your money is going. Consumers control the economy, so visit the independent coffee shop down the street instead of Starbucks. Shop at boutiques rather than chains. FYI; The new Studio Club store will be up March 2013.

17. Cry. When you’re happy and when you’re sad; embrace your emotions as they come.

18. If you want someone to commit to you, vocalise it. Don’t settle for being someone’s “f*ck buddy”. And if you’re in a relationship, then tell your partner you love them more.

19. Give yourself 1 hour a day and do something you love doing, or give yourself a little treat. You have to look after Number 1.

20. Follow your dreams and make sure you can be the best person possible. If you’re not happy, change it.

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