The Rise of Wall Art

A huge interior design trend that we’re seeing this year is the demand for art in people’s homes.

Published May 18, 2016 by admin

WORDS: Veronica Pembleton

A huge interior design trend that we’re seeing this year is the demand for art in people’s homes. It is now the case that mainstream society are actively seeking ways to display their personality and beliefs through the use of artwork. Now you may question that this isn’t a new thing to happen as people have been doing it for generations, however what is different now is the level that it is happening on.

Once upon a time, art would be seen as something the high class or even, middle class would obtain and own. Today however, industry’s have found ways to make art affordable to the masses by using innovative ways to display the art and this is where wall stickers come in.

An affordable luxury, wall decals can now be bought in a range of styles, bespoke designs and colours that do the same job as a canvas prints but at a lower cost. There are tons of replica art pieces out there now, where a person can creatively display designs to revamp a plain wall or dead and boring space. Take the word famous graffiti artist Banksy for example, his stencils are flooding into households across the country as people are loving the fact they can add his unique urban designs to their own interiors.

Despite it being a replicated and cheaper alternative, people are not being deterred as the quality still remains. Largely popular with the younger generation, wall stickers are growing in popularity due to there ease of use. With young adults seeking rental properties as a short term housing solution, they are limited in how they can decorate their property due the fact they don’t actually own it. Therefore, without having to drill holes to hold up art, they are using wall decals to act as a short term solution to show their interests. This is not limited to rental housing properties either as wall art is also growing in the business world. Offices can now exhibit their logos or general art pieces easily using wall stickers as an affordable way to add style to their space.

A simply cool and contemporary way to implement some flair into one’s space, this 2016 expect to this trend going from strength to strength.

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